Memories with our parents or the people we loved that took care of us…

Sometimes it feels like just yesterday when I learned how to ride a bicycle, or began having more life talks over coffee, and eventually moved away!
Alternatively, some people may never have a memory that recall as positive, or a talk where they saw  “eye to eye” with their parent(s) or guardian(s).

Nonetheless, there will come a time when they need you. That time can feel special, awkward, aggravating and uncomfortable. This is when you start to become more aware of your past, and determine if you will let it determine your future actions. Most people choose to become responsible, and MINDFUL that another life, an adult life is relying on YOU.

Now, regardless of the relationship, if you are able, you have to use your inner strength to see that this life is in your care. A huge responsibility, especially if you are like so many people, since childhood trying to meet the expectations of that person. It doesn’t end here. That seems to seems to carry forward during this time too. You can control that too, although initially it is hard.

For me, Alzheimer’s was the poison. I would have thought memory care facilities would have been easier to tolerate. The person’s awareness wasn’t as sharp. Sometimes, they didn’t even know where they were.. so why did it matter?
It was terrible, in fact, it was so much worse. I had to face my own expectations ( even higher than any I felt before). Why? My parent couldn’t call or verbally communicate to me  anything about the care or their living experience.  Due to that, it was a second job to get close to staff, and figure it out on my own. I knew enough to move several times. Finally, we have it the best I believe that we  can. I attribute this to learning more and to an incredible woman who places people for a living.
We want to support you too-

In the coming days… I will address

HELP for Taking Care of Your Adult Parents

Signs ( when is it time for help)

Steps ( what to do and look for

Plus Expert Advice from a Professional in the Business of Helping Families Find the Best for Their loved Ones…

Feel free to connect if you need anything sooner! Be safe!