Each year things change; from the newest trends in fashion and home decor to small and large things at our jobs, and at home, in some of our friendships, and on the greatest scale society or government regulatory change.

Many of these things impact us differently.  Since  “the most recent pandemic” or most recent tragedy your family may have gone through (illness, severe weather, violence) etc. we tend to look at things differently on the other side.

The most important thing to remember is who we are and if we didn’t know, we will now. What shapes us into who we are is our character, our hardships and how we face those challenges and move forward.

More than ever, reality tv is perpetuating PTSD with Squid Games and shows that seem completely voluntary but make people completely vulnerable and captive. Our society of violence already provides that (movies, books and our never-ending supply of real-life mass shootings).

I don’t say that people haven’t come together and formed united fronts on this, but the burden is heavy. When you think of fashion or the color of your decor as being too much stop thinking… and enjoy the moment.


The majority of my practice today centers around anxiety and continuous thoughts of worry. People of all ages finally began to get out of their heads and realize it was okay to get help during or shortly after the pandemic.

Our teens today will never have the same life of those of us who never had their schools shut down during their time to learn social skills and the groundwork of their academic future.

We have to allow for these differences but not excuse them – we have to teach what was not taught. In between, as young adults struggling in this world with uncertainty … “I remind you that nothing has changed…. Illness, war, shootings, hardship was always there… it is how you choose to educate yourself, rise above and shine beyond the pale that matters.” Learning to utilize support and continue on, is a way of life! You’ve got this!
I wish for you a beautiful holiday season and a happy and healthy new year!
Do not give into fear:) Expect it, control it, and live your life.


Practice positive self- talk, treat yourself as though you believe in yourself. Be someone you would want to stay friends with. Once you treat yourself with respect you’ll find forgiving yourself for small things you typically question yourself about to be trivial.

Practice treating others with care. We never know what’s happened in someone else’s world. Not everyone brings their personal life into each conversation. Knowing this, we need to respect people’s boundaries, bad days, and tough moments.

Look a little deeper this year, while at the same time feeling a bit lighter! Perspective can create a whole new mindset!

Inspiring One Mind at A Time!

Welcome to 2024🎊🎉🎈

Marcy Abramsky, LCSW