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I am a licensed clinical social worker in private practice serving clients in and around East Amherst, Western New York, NYC, and New York State online, as well as on-site, ( locally) by request.

I have extensive experience in many of the day to day challenges of life that people experience. I also specialize in helping  clients with the stress that comes with owning a business, supporting others in the medical and sports fields. As important are caregivers, and professional’s in the field of education. parenting, teen issues, school/ academic concerns and behaviors, anxiety are also my area of speciality.

In addition, coping with a chronic illness of a family member or your own (Cancer, Or  Caregiving for a senior with Alzheimer’s) or another difficult long-term issue/ illness…is another area I have worked with extensively.

Management of unwanted symptoms related to anxiety, stress, feelings of overwhelm or low motivation to move forward in your own life!

Coaching and motivation to get to the next level in confidence, communication skills and reach your goals are a bit different but something I believe in for people that want to be inspired to get to the next level of fulfillment. In a coaching role, I do not diagnose, treat, or manage any mental health issues. However, the connection between coaching and therapy is that the experience should be uplifting and support you in feeling safe to explore your ideas, dreams and goals. Feel free to  inquire about coaching ( separate from Therapy)⬇️

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Attention: Parents & Students

I am permanently certified as a NYS School Social Worker, NYS School District Leader and have also been Certified in School Building Administrator.  I have also had extensive training, and other experiences outside of schools, working in homes, courts and agencies. 

As a parent, combined with my unique training I understand what students and parents go through. I have been on both on the inside and as a parent on the outside of schools.  I am fluent  NYS school disability law, and medical (504) accommodations. In this challenging time of confusion in ending social distancing, quarantine in tandem with regular issues pre-teens and teens go through, I am here to help. Individually, or in groups!

**Whether a parent, student, senior or caregiver or a person ready to improve upon quality of  life and assist in making change. My main priority is to create a therapeutic atmosphere that promotes growth and a positive environment for free sharing to take place.

I look forward to working with you by addressing your challenges and assisting you in reaching your goals.

Treatment Approaches

I use a variety of approaches to address the unique needs of my clients. Many successful treatment plans have utilized a foundation in cognitive/cognitive-behavioral, humanistic, person-centered, dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), Neurolinguistics(NLP), Mindfulness based practice and solution-focused therapy work. Basically, an integrative approach.

We will create a treatment plans specific to your needs. A method that includes tools to help you to sustain the type of growth that you would experience in our regular sessions and re-evaluate to meet your goals.  Everything is fluid … meaning open to change as you need!

Additionally, research supports the practice of self-compassion and mindfulness in psychotherapy. That is where that calm, mindfulness practice comes in.

I focus my work in helping people believe in themselves. There is power in awareness, and belief in yourself. The results of Neuroscience research (I’ll spare you the reading) reveals that people who practice these techniques are happier, more resilient, and better equipped to heal challenging memories from the past, and manage challenges they are presently facing.

It is my honor and mission to help my clients through their barriers and reach their full potential. 

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Education & Credentials:

  • License : Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • License State: New York State
  • Practicing Since:  1999
  • Education:  MSW 1999
  • Licensed Master Social Worker 2000
  • Post – Masters Certificate   EDL (Educational Leadership) 2013
  • More Training & Affiliation Information
    NYS LMSW 1999, SIFI Certified -2002, Fordham U, MST Multisystemic Therapy Training & Cert @ The MST Institute, SC  1999, NYS Permanent School Social Worker Cert. 2002, NYS LCSW (Current License), NYS School Building Leader Cert. SBL 2014, NYS  Professional School District Leader Cert. SDL 2013 • 2020 Trained NYS OMH Crisis Professional pandemic Volunteer• 2022 Trained Aimee Ukraine Crisis Professional LCSW Volunteer for Ukraine military, and survivors w/ and without interpreters.
  • Affiliations
    Univ. at Buffalo Alumni Mentor​ 8+yrs,
    National Association of Social Workers NASW 2018 Nominee by NYS Chapter Board Member-at-Large 20+ yr member, NYSUT member, Volunteer Youth Basketball Coach 2018-2019,  2020, Senior Facility Support  (2020-2021) pandemic support.
  • Continued Training & Certifications 
    TeleMental HealhTrain.Cert THTC 2019, American Heart Assoc. AED & CPR  Training in Medical Setting , NYS OMH Crisis Telehealth Training for New York State Pandemic Crisis Line, 2020,NLP Neurolinguistics Cert.,2021,Dialectical Behavior Therapy(DBT)2021
    2023 Certification Master Life Coaching