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Insurance vs Self-Pay
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You are not alone-

I work with clients of many ages in a variety of unique circumstances. However, there is a common thread. My clients initially feel as though something is missing, they want to make changes, and are uncertain how to reach their full potential.

During our initial meeting, we will discuss your specific areas of concern and determine our client/therapist fit.

In addition, aside from gathering important information …

You will always end sessions with tools to take with you.

I believe strongly in assisting you in starting to move forward.

Finally, a personalized treatment plan or path will be discussed and how scheduling appointments and practicing new skills can best fit into your life.

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You may wish to use your insurance benefits to pay for your therapy sessions in NYS.


However, it is important that you are informed as to the fact that there are Benefits to Paying Out of Pocket for Services

Reasons people chose to pay out of pocket for service

 Ease * Privacy  * Power to bypass the system for your benefit 

 “Cash-pay” or “Self-pay” (as you will see advertised) clients benefit in the following ways:

  • avoid the “struggle” that comes from finding an in-network therapist.
  • the wait for insurance /billing company approval and copay verification.
  • less limitation in number of sessions, and time limits
  • more clinicians to choose from with increased availability in scheduling.
  • Life Coaching can is also for people without a traditional diagnosis for insurance purposes.

The Greatest Benefit that I understand from both clients and that I see, as a therapist, is related to PRIVACY.


  • Using insurance requires a therapist to provide a diagnosis to the insurance company.
  • Once this information is shared with the insurance company, the therapist has no further ability to control how that information is used, as it becomes part of your permanent record. 
  • Choosing to pay for services yourself to maintain your privacy since no diagnosis needs to be shared or made, for insurance payment purposes. 
  • The adverse piece about insurance is that your diagnosis can impact your future health, life, and disability benefits and premiums should you be unemployed, self -employed, or need to purchase your own benefits.
  • As a cash client, you will also know costs upfront and never be met with deductibles, or other costs. This will make it easier for you to budget.
  • No limits on number or length of sessions, make it easier for you and your therapist to determine your needs together should they change.
  • There is no contractual obligation with the insurance company.  If there is a need for a sliding scale, student, or other rate are options. 
  • As a Teletherapist, I can work remotely with all of my clients and not be held to any insurance plan change. In addition, I can hold groups, or speaking engagements should that suit your need.
  • You have the power to bypass the system and choose to be a cash pay client today. Feel free to inquire about this today! This is a choice for you and about you, alone! 

More to think about when weighing your options…

Advantages to paying out of pocket for Therapy

* Increased privacy and protection- treatment information is not shared with third parties (for reimbursement)

 *Information is only shared with your information with whom you desire to have it shared with unless an emergency arises.

*Aside from less documentation, you may encounter less wait times, and have an easier time making appointments with a therapist that can focus more on patient satisfaction. 

*This is not to say you should not use your coverage.

Please verify coverage by connecting with me via or or going to *As I utilize Headway for my insurance billing.

Please note a diagnosis must be present to warrant treatment.


“Identify your problems but give your power and energy to solutions.”

– Tony Robbins

Thank you for the honor of your business.


Please Note the Cancellation Policy:

Please give at least 24 hours’ notice to cancel your scheduled therapy appointment, to avoid any possible fees associated with no show or late cancelation charges. These could be up to half the cost of the session.

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