Stay Social and loved with pets restaurants, stay happy with creative artistic ways to keep up your positive mindset and listen and watch and read info from a sweet , kind parenting and marriage expert !

These are businesses that serve  NYS and are amazing.
I’ve personally worked with them or experienced their greatness! They are also businesses that support your sense of community and emotional health in some way !
✔️these out …

1. Support furever from a golden doodle by an incredible breeder Liz that does so much training that these little pups are practically trained at 8 weeks! They are loving because of who they are with from the start! Best breeder & family around!

2. Kari Blueberry Creative ( Dot Art) mental health, sports, school , even personally created art .. amazing!


amazing restaurant to see friends and get social  with an inspiring menu ( on open table) !

4a.  Facebook Whinypalooza Wednesdays Podcasts ( Marriage, Parenting & Life)  Rebecca Greene , LCSW-R)


Rebecca also has this podcast interviewing doctors , social workers and more professionals about family and parenting to support her more than 200K listeners! I was so lucky to be interviewed ! 

4c. Greene is also the author of two best selling books:

*if you are a business to believe in .. write to ( contact page ) subject BTBI and tell us about yourself!  It is a please to feature NYS businesses here!  

Disclaimer Marcy Abramsky, LCSW receives no monetary compensation for these advertisements and this should be considered opinion only … if you have these services that you enjoy .  Utilize any businesses  that promote social involvement. Pets, and reading more on topics and podcasts that you are interested in … promote a positive mindset !