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“In A World That Doesn't Wait...
Face the Obstacles & Opportunities That Lie Ahead.....”
-Marcy Abramsky, LCSW                                       
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Marcy Abramsky, LCSW             
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Marcy Abramsky, LCSW

About Me
Marcy Abramsky, LCSW
     Hello, I am a NYS Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). I also hold a Permanent NYS Certification in School Social Work, and NYS Certifications in  School District Leadership (SDL), and School Building Leadership (SBL).                                    
 I am grateful for my clients, and their willingness to trust my methods, in order to gain clarity, set, and reach for their goals! 
A Bit of
     My experiences in the city, and surrounding suburbs of Buffalo, and NYC, have provided me with a vast array of professional experiences.  Aside from learning specific modalities of therapy, I have both witnessed and felt the impact of crisis, move through different communities. In addition, I have developed skills, strategies, and responses to powerful life situations, in various environments that can be useful to different age groups. 
💡Offering therapeutic support, advocacy and resources to my clients in various areas related to disabilities, school conduct and academic issues, adult -parent & child-parent relationships, graduate &, post school  planning and transition, life motivation, coaching,  ( moving, changing careers, seniors, caregiver issues), Community based concerns for organizations due to COVID, or from national, international situations ( violence, terrorism related, issues).  

All of these experiences assisted me in supporting and celebrating cultural differences, and human challenges.

     We have incredible gifts... We are very capable,, once we get out of our own way. Identifying our own strength as individuals, and how to use our personal and community resources can be invaluable! 
offer to support you from my unique experiences...  the years of opportunities from which I’ve gained knowledge. The training I’ve completed, programs I’ve facilitated, and individual, group, and family counseling, diagnosis, and treatment planning. It is through these experiences, and listening to my clients challenges and triumphs, that I have gained the insight to offer you tools and strategies to enrich your own life. 
Currently located in Western New York, and serving the New York State area,  as as a TeleMental Health Provider.  
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BELIEVE  In Yourself
     I believe that people need to feel SAFE!  You might be thinking ...On a video call ? My answer is...YES!!  You should feel like you can talk about the tough stuff. 
     If you are able to make that connection for your wellness, you will feel motivated to stick with it. This really works best when you view it as as a commitment to yourself!  Keep looking until you feel like you have found the person best suited for your counseling needs! 
My Counseling Style
     I am flexible, compassionate and help my clients see what is “written in the bright lights above”!  The benefit to holding a mindset that "YOU ARE ENOUGH" inspires many. For most people it is VERY difficult to connect with this. Most of us are not wired that way. Each one of us is has our insecurities, and in challenging moments, we can’t always harness that belief that we ARE enough.                   
     The advantage of believing  in yourself,  grants you access to a different perspective! It is also a great motivator for behavior.  See yourself,  and your life issues through a different lens, and gain strategies to begin to believe that You Really Are Enough! 
     I enjoy coaching my clients to feel inspired, guiding them (as I would for you), to identify and utilize strengths, resources, skills and motivation to dissolve barriers to success. 
It is my sincere hope that you are starting to learn a bit about me. 
*Start designing the path to the new you!*
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Marcy Abramsky, LCSW


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Individual Sessions
Individual Sessions via cell, laptop etc. might be the  NEW WAVE in today's CRAZY WORLD! I say, whatever gets you safely, conveniently  connected and moves you forward.   I work to create a “safe space” where you can  stay engaged and become used to getting the support you need in your online sessions!                                   
As we build a therapeutic alliance you will soon understand you are NOT alone!
We have all been in a place where we needed some support! 
As most of us do, I am sure that you can benefit from as many tools and tips as possible!               I provide strategies, and practical skills in order to guide to Get UNSTUCK, and MOVE YOU FORWARD.  Assisting people in visualizing their progress can be invaluable to making progress!  I support clients through highlighting their new skills, growth and guide them, to share in the process of  identifying their personal progress!
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Parent/Guardian Sessions or 
Family Sessions
How many times have you felt like you were walking on eggshells, only to be told that"YOU started it." At times we even THINK that we weigh our words so carefully, that communicating at home can feel as if we really are walking on eggshells.
  1. Managing Relationships As Parents & Kids Through Major Life Challenges~                                
  2. Being the Parent, Kid, Tween or Teen                
Also see the services for parents and students
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Group Counseling~ Group Types         Request Topics-Let Me Know!             COMMUNITY
Lower cost than private sessions and time limited in number of sessions...groups are often very supportive! If you are in the local WNY Northtowns area, and want to offer any to members of your organization, camp, facility or  interested in beginning one with people you know?  Inquire for a DISCOUNTED RATE! 

Visit the Services Page for More Info !   
 Parent Groups: Where are we now & Beyond (Explore the Impact of Covid at Home) Gain Skills to move your pre-teen/teen, set boundaries, learn activities, that actually build relationships and keep bored kids (of all ages) busy!  
Student Groups:Gr.4-6, 6-12, College, Grad or Tech Program & Beyond (Transition to Next Grade Level & Beyond, Back to School, Living in a Changing Society, Academic Needs & Social Skills, Isolation & Social Skills )
Senior Caregivers, Family & Friends of Seniors in Isolation: Coping with loss of the living  FACILITIES can inquire re: In house     

 *Special Pricing for Senior Groups w/Phone Only Options
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Treatment Modalities
& Clients Served 
Clients Must Reside In New York State       
*All Clients will be screened for appropriateness of distance services..                                              
**Local to WNY Northtowns?  Interested in a group at your camp / school/ PTA/ organization? Virtual /Outside?
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*Please see Screening Statement
Feelings & Life Issues                          Anxiety, Coping Skills, Overwhelm, Grief & Loss, Acute & Chronic Illness & Covid Support, Motivation, Career or Living Change
Stepping It Up A Level                        Interested in Moving up a level in certain aspects of your career? Learn the critical questions to ask, first.
Aging, Caregiver Issues  Everything listed & more...Coping with feelings of loss or isolation, topics- Alzheimer's, *see groups Discounts
Child/Adolescents/Parents                  Everything listed & more.. School Anxiety, Disabilities, Transition...
Groups:  5-6 Week Sessions 
Moving Up Groups  (prep for next level) Grades 4-6, 7-12, - Grad &Tech 
Stressors &  That Impact You
Anxiety & transition, related to a Nationwide Issues ( School & Comm. Violence, Racial Unrest & Inequality, Covid Pandemic) and more. 

Treatment Approaches 

Just some modalities  I employ       Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)     Solution Focused-Brief Therapy (SFBT)                            
Multi systemic Therapy (MST)    
Strength Based Therapy                       See More on the Specialties Page

Ages & Types of Sessions

*Please see Screening Statement
Ages I Work with                                

Child & Adolescent                            Parent(s) /Guardian(s)                         Seniors                                    
Session Options.                                 
Individuals, Families & Groups
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Marcy Abramsky, LCSW InspireAmind® Counseling and Consulting
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Practice Emergency Policy: This practice does not respond to emergency messages. In an emergency, please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room. Thank you.