Prior to Choosing Me As Your Therapist 

In the following situations, I ask that you utilize an in-person therapist, psychiatrist or medical professional. 

Family CourtChild Custody• Divorce Cases -use a court appointed or local Therapist that can keep logs, connect with the law guardian and testify if needed.
Cases  • anyone is experiencing serious mental health symptoms that pose a  danger to themselves or to others. Please utilize a medical doctor, the police, or ER for immediate evaluation.  
Please Note:

Should I receive a subpoena to testify in a divorce/custody case:

  • I do not typically have the information I would need to make a custody recommendations. 
  • I do not typically meet with clients to make a recommendation of where a child should live
  • I do not make a determination as to one’s fitness as a parent. 

Please understand that anytime you ask for therapy notes in a court /legal matter there is a risk of damage to the therapeutic relationship. That risk comes with the possible end to positive healthy therapeutic breakthroughs. Please ask your legal council to consider if that is worth taking in each, and every situation.  I appreciate your consideration. Thank you.

Sincerely, M. Abramsky, LCSW