Welcome💡 My Goal is to Inspire You

•Marcy Abramsky, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker •Coach

I Offer: HIPAA Compliant (Secure) Teletherapy Services In New York State (Encrypted email, portal, messaging and easy video/ audio sessions)


In choosing to work together, you can enjoy the benefits of decreasing /extinguishing unwanted symptoms and free yourself of overwhelm and worry. Take control of challenging life situations with a new outlook and management skills.

Clients: Individual •Family •Groups

Pre-Teens •Adolescents •Young Adults• Adults• Wiser (Senior) Adults

Topics: Parenting •Increasing coping skills •Level up in your life • Stress •Transitions (Job/ School) & more

Style: flexible •empathic •motivating •directresults oriented •empathic re: differentiation.

Approach: I use an integrative (inclusive) approach to therapy. Methodology: •combine techniques from research-based therapies: (i.e., Cognitive -Behavioral (CBT) •Dialectical- Behavioral (DBT) •Humanistic •Mindfulness-Based (MBT) •Multi systemic (MST) •Neurolinguistics Programming (NLP) •Psychodynamic •Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) & more).

A plan is customized to you and meet your unique needs.

As a Client, You Can Expect Me To
Invite you to view things from a perspective that focuses on opportunity and possibilities.
Hold sessions devoted to your needs, and goals.
Assist you in 
identifying strengths, resources, and gaining clarity.
Define what personal success is for you, and gain the skills to start reaching it!

Eventually, you may start to realize that small changes add up to BIG ones! For example, decreased feelings of self-doubt, stress, and overwhelm.

In fact, by spending this time on yourself, and your goals, you CAN CHANGE what no longer works in your life. 

Just by putting in a little “me” time and a bit of personal work…you can see a huge return! Feel increased confidence, and grasp the power of perspective, visualize your success & become INSPIRED!

Essential Elements I have: Building a therapeutic alliance • creating a safe space • Supporting your goals.

Experience: Over 18 Years in the field of Mental Health

Settings: homes• courts• agencies• K-12 & universities• medical• eldercare •private practice

Geography: Cities and surrounding suburbs of Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, and Buffalo, NY

What I do best: assessment• diagnosis/ guide to clear picture or goals, plan , assist in fostering change• support visualization of goals, skill building, locating resources, building skills, empowerment• motivation

Why This Practice? I am experienced and I love the work I do! I have the capacity to connect with clients and guide them, as they design a path to their goals! I treat students, parents, doctors, writers, business owners.

Clients “stick with” our work as they become more inspired!

Specialties:11+ Preteens• Adolescent •Parents •Adults •Older Adults 65+

Motivation: *Life Coaching is different than counseling services (inquire within) Client Focus: •Coping Skills •Stress• Self Esteem• Career/School Transitions• Peer, Family, Parenting, Learning Disability Advocacy • Crisis (pandemic, staff crisis support) • Alzheimer’s, Caregivers• Cancer, Immune •Mental Health Issues (mild)

Treatment Approaches: *Coaching, Cognitive Behavioral (CBT), Family Systems, Mindfulness-Based (MBCT), Psychoanalytic, Psychodynamic, Solution Focused (SFBT), Strength-Based

Modality: Individual, Family, Group • On – site near East Amherst for speaking, or in -person groups at organization

Locations Served: East Amherst, NY, Williamsville, NY Clarence, NY, Buffalo, NY, Manhattan, Brooklyn• Long Island Western New York and all of New York State via HIPAA Compliant Video / Audio Sessions