Break It Down

Music Is Everything

Allow your mind to focus on the sounds, the keys, your breathing, or any movement associated with the music you are hearing, feeling or creating.

Music Is Energy

The very process of using your instrument is physical and can relax tense muscles in the same way a sport can.
Music Is Rhythm•Get up and dance ! The ultimate energizer, feel good past-time and it fuels your body with endorphins like exercise!

Music Is The Zone

Music can be a creative outlet. Certain songs can help you work through difficult times in your life. While other pieces of music put you into a “zone” where you can restore balance and feel more relaxed and practice regular relaxation techniques on a regular basis!

Music Is A Story

Through music you can journal with or without words. Emotions can be conveyed through sound, tone and melody. Whether listening to your own, or someone else’s music it can relate a powerful story!

•Don’t forget to use music to change your mood!
•It’s never too late to create
•Dance even if you think it’s silly
•Learn an instrument
•Use Music to whether the storm