Love’s Compass

*written to an aunt loved & those that will take a step each day toward uncharted waters after loss. my thoughts are with you.
keep swimming. m.abramsky

Love’s Compass

🌻“A blue sky, warm sand, and thoughts of fish that bubbled by the cove. No longer can she picture them but the thoughts still give way to a life so beautiful and bold. Her teary memories of a loved one missed,  a season, a state, a change… whatever the feeling, a loss like this is certainly never welcome on any day.

Along come strong winds and the fight she put up to steer her ship a new path. On her face a frown from the cracks that remain in the aftermath.

A sudden thought creates a smile as a tear is whisked from her eye. It is then that she knew about the cracks and why! They were her gift. The love she’d shared was something that some people never had in their entire lifetime. Some days it would hurt and some it would sting but on this day… that truth carried her heart home.

Her compass was now set to a place where she’ll never feel torn again. Her love never leaves her to steer alone.”

You’ve Got This!