People + Pets = Health

Cali’s Brother Benji next to little Cali .. very cute Golden doodles  ♥️


Relationships, Health & Pets

Research shows that pets such as dogs  have as much influence on people, as their owners have on them.🦮 Animals that are treated well in return have a symbiotic relationship with their owners. This is why people refer to a dog as “man’s best friend”. A pet is an amazing companion. People can have similar relationships with dogs, birds, cats and other animals too! 🦜

When well cared for, an animal learns that it receives food, water, shelter, love (praise) and playtime from you/ your family. In return, your pet gives that back in the form of unparalleled companionship ! They can even get a little jealous, all in the name of love♥️.

Brain-Based Research 🧠

•Playing with an animal can increase levels of dopamine and serotonin in your brain which can calm you! This release of chemicals can also make you feel good, assisting in fighting depression. Pets have the ability to make people happy.

•Pets also decrease cortisol which is a chemical connected to stress and gaining weight. It’s not just the walks or play! 

The Heart ♥️

•It has been shown that pets lower blood pressure and by proxy, lower your risk of heart disease.

Support through Challenges 

Not only can having a pet

•keep you from feeling lonely
•calm your stress,
•support you through the grieving process


•pets can teach adults and children about  emotional challenges

• through working with our pet we can formulate solutions to problems and change behavior.

• as adults, young adults, teens and children  see pets we love …

•go through disability
•give birth
•moody or present with poor behaviors
•with an injury
•become ill
•grow older
•pass away

we learn.

People may encounter their first experience facing these challenges as an individual, or a family. Hopefully, by utilizing family, a friend or a counselor in a healthy way they get through it with support.

For people who go through this after their first experience, it can also be an opportunity.
This poses an opportunity to manage their range of emotions and what difficulties it may bring up in different and better ways than before.

Happiness & Your Sidekick

All the experiences with your pet (your loving sidekick) can give you great strength and the ability to manage situations you never thought possible. A pet can be that family member when nobody is home.  Your Pet IS somebody!  Your animal through cuddling and play can provide support through feelings of overwhelm, loss, anxiety, and grief!

Did You know? 

Dogs can distract people from self-destructive habits, like obsessive skin picking and hair pulling (things people do on autopilot) due to anxiety?

For Some People, walking with a dog or rubbing it’s ears or tummy can calm anxiety in place of (as needed) anti-anxiety medications
(always speak with a physician prior to stopping medications).

A pet can make you laugh more.
The more you laugh, the longer you live!

Puppy Club

While working in a school, I assisted in facilitating Puppy Club.
Puppy Club
nearby shelter brought in dogs and shared their stories of abuse and how they were found and how after good care and love and training, the dogs that were brought in were ready to be adopted. Students listened as many could relate to pieces of the stories because dogs & puppies similar to children in that they need adults / families to care for them.

Stories & Understanding 
Students were asked if they’d like to share anything of a human story similar to what a dog may have faced. For example, one day was grasping a better understanding as to why they / the dog might no longer trust.. They learned why it’s not just an old saying to avoid placing their hand in front of a dog’s face who is unfamiliar to them. It’s about trust- not whether a dog will like them.

Students made the connection to trust in their own lives and how people (parents, teachers to friends) have to earn it back). They couldn’t imagine what that might take for an animal.

Life Lessons 
Learning about life lessons through animals was a great way to make things less personal for kids to speak about. It also helped kids meet dogs that were up for adoption! While taking about life, they were getting a dose of puppy power (happiness) and giving it back to the dogs!

Aside from the impact I see in hospitals, and senior centers, and have experienced in my own life… this just another example of how I’ve seen animals impact people in amazing ways!

Getting your own pup *there are hypoallergenic animals are available

Connect with a Breeder *There are many terrific breeders•

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•Play with a friend or neighbors pet

•Become a dog walker for a Neigbor (especially older neighbor or neighbors that work out of the home).

•Work at a rescue or vet

Follow NYS guidelines on Vaccinations & Registration please

Information on where we got our baby Cali

We will forever thank you for enriching our lives with Cali !