When facing new and uncertain experiences, our coping mechanisms can use a little fine tuning.
Some of the most valuable tools we can have is accepting the element of surprise.
It can be beneficial to have the ability to explore the methods created for safety, why they are important. How adept we are at keeping our responses fluid can directly equate to how we cope.
In addition, our most vulnerable populations next to the medically fragile, seniors and kids; demand our full attention and more resources.

The bottom line is that however we can help ourselves face these changing issues in society, will allow us to better manage our responsibilities to our work, family, and community. Our personal well-being and health is imperative to supporting others.

United By Distance 😷

When we can open our minds to different perspectives, we can share and understand the community goals. This will allow distance to unite us!

Flexible Responses

When we can accept the unforeseeable and roll with the unexpected we can be more FLEXIBLE with our responses. 

Succeed For Seniors 👵

When we want to accept the actual state of the current conditions, there will be movement. We WILL want more for our loved ones. We WILL accept things are NOT good enough, we WiLL want more for OUR future.

The Elephant at Dinner🐘

Current situations (Covid, Vaccines, US government, injustice and racial inequality, sexual harassment, the situation in Afghanistan, Terrorism, School and society gun violence) , and all current events need to be explained to children.
Family debates and discussions can be healthy. . This is a time to remember. These are issues that can shape young minds and change the world. Try not to ignore these at home. These are not topics we want them to learn anywhere else. Please don’t let them remain the “elephant at dinner” 🐘


Motivate, Collaborate & Create👏

Motivate yourself, your community, and our government to be aware of people that need advocacy.
Collaborate with your community to stay vigilant about health and safety, and help educate on various topics that you believe in.
Create an atmosphere at home, in your community or within organizations where you can be supportive to others, and know who to go to for yourself!

Is it Worth It? ➡️

Name 2-3 reasons for yourself it’s worth it to focus on these items …. If any lead you to want to speak more .. Contact me! 📱💻

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