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COVID-19 Specific Entries First

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 I know that you have options! Improved advances in technology make it possible to offer office and online services. Don't miss your opportunity to gain  support that makes a difference,  The  simplicity of online services, portal secure email and messaging, with the comfort of the same  local NYS professional, and option for in office visits.  
Counseling, coaching, skill building, therapeutic support, to help you reflect, break through barriers,  grow, feel inspired, and visualize the possibilities, and propel you toward   personal success  

I offer a Secure Client Portal and HIPAA compliant messaging, plus HIPAA compliant email. The choice is yours as there are even options for local clients to combine methods ( i.e. in- person and online support).

On this page, I will share Practice News, Helpful Tips & Information & Articles.

I am proud to showcase all of the exciting services, local events, or additional low cost or free services I can offer the community as I begin my work in Western, New York.  

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Everyone meant well, as they started to handle this pandemic. However, everyone was understandably distressed. This seemed to cause "everyone" to forget crisis plans early on, specifically for a Pandemic. Now, almost a month into our "new normal"  everyone is giving many different directions to follow. The problem with "everyone" doing this, it can provoke more stress, as  panic engulfs every facet of our county, and appears to separate our leaders. Our information is now supplied by the federal, state and local government officials. doctors, media, schools, and local community groups, all at once. Some messages, can be conflicting. It can be hard to think clearly and make a plan. That is why on top of everything else, it is hard to get a handle on this. However, we are on our way.

Now is the time to care of your physical health & mental health


Let me share this...try to believe in your heart that "everyone" is  trying to do the best they can. I do.

Why Reflection Is Important

It is important to reflect on the power of our coping skills. When you experience high levels of trauma or anxiety, your body handles this in several ways...This response can be emotional, physical, or both. How you cope, can determine how you function. It can keep some people in denial, some unable  to   talk about their experiences, create acting out behaviors, great distress, anxiety, and depression. This can take its toll on your physical health, and relationships. This can also have consequences with regard to decision making skills. 

Every person has their own unique response. Allow that to fluctuate. Try your best to roll with it... don't expect too much from yourself either. You can only control you, and your actions.  


Smile Challenge:

Make it your job to throw in a  smile :) when possible (even if  you are alone).


Stay Positive About Answers, and Getting This Country & Our World in a Better Place. 

We Are in This Together!

So many companies, providers, individuals and small businesses are getting involved.. Give yourself, and others around you, a chance to grieve for the loss of of loved ones, security, normalcy, and give and get support, if needed!

Be Well!

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Control Freak:

How do you gain any control over your life, when life feels shut down..."

Covid-19:The Pandemic and Our Sanity

After speaking with a friend the other day, they were becoming exasperated explaining all of the reasons why needed to go out. They continued on about the stupidity of the laws in the place to close businesses and thought the new laws in places. As listened, the friend, stopped talking and realized I wasn't saying a word...I wasn't judging (as I am part of this whole situation too) I just wanted them to vent. At the end of their "vent" came a proclamation; "I am a control freak, okay?" 

After days in denial that absolutely anything was going on, and aggravation regarding policies, and inconveniences, the recognition seemed too much. The person needed to hang up and talk the following day. Since then, emerged, preparing with items in the house, and an adjustment, and change of personality has occurred. Their argument has turned to a mix of sadness and anxiety. Luckily, other friends swooped in for support, as well.

Everyone Craves A Sense Of Control & Structure During A Time Of Uncertainty

Options for You To Get Through...

1. Exercise (outside or inside)

2. Music (make music, or listen to music)

3. Art (create art- draw, color, paint, color food)

4. Food (stick to your regular diet (for the most part)

5. Use technology or open a window and say HI to a friend or neighbor!

6. Call an Assisted Living, or Nursing home and ask to say hi to a loved one

7.Play with your pet (clean hands before and after)

8. Read

Chances or Choices?

Caring for Kids & Grandparents

March 2020

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Caregivers for Parents, and Children have a lot to think about today!

The world has changed drastically as far as safety, transportation and information. We are facing

increasing levels of safety concerns

increasing ways for people to travel without a license

increasing access to unfiltered information

Do to the above, we have more decisions to make about for our aging parents and growing children.

Chances or Choices?

Healthcare at home, in a facility, what type of facility, and what is GOOD care

Vaccines, education, permission to travel at young ages, and safety in school

These topics and more will be addressed in a new Blog to start soon!!!

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DestinAtion InspirAtion: August, 2019

Cut Through "Back To School Anxiety" With These Tips: 

~M. Abramsky, LCSW

Students across the nation are preparing to return to school. Whether your child (niece, grandchild etc,.) is moving school districts,  up to their next grade, or transitioning to middle school, high school, college, or graduate school; "back to school anxiety" is very common.


There are many reasons WHY...for now, we will focus on tips to reduce worries, and have your student ready to head back with a smile!


1. Validate Concerns (Reasonably) Active Listening Step 1

(Communicate and show acceptance for feelings. You are successfully recognizing worries, previous experiences, and the students perspective of issues. This allows for *open dialogue and more trust in the conversation. Help identify what is realistic to be upset about and what is a "norm".

2.  Model & Identify the Root Cause* Dialogue Step 2

Continue to "model" what things would absolutely upset anyone vs. issues in school that on the whole many students face in society. Be a role model for accepting societal norms, and some of the things that make them fearful in the school environment . Some which may be "normal" in todays world. Help the person to understand that they are still on the correct path and cannot be responsible for changing all people. 

*Through this conversation determine if MORE needs to be done in their situation (school intervention, counseling) as at times, schools do need to be more active in situations, or students do require more support. Occasionally, there are even times, you will find that the root of the problem is not school at all; there may be a health, family or emotional health issue.

3.  Create Institute Plans for Success Take Action Step 3

Depending upon the issue that came up in the open dialogue; this may range from a simple list, index card of strengths, "to do"  items, alternate routes within a building, attending extra help prior to a test, to parent plan to request a specific meeting for accommodations, inform administration of an ongoing safety issue, & determine ways with the school to assist their child to feel safer or more successful.


For older students, this may mean, planning housing, parking, and classes at certain hours and times, and utilizing the support of friends and the school.


Organization is key, whether it pertains to safety, academics, and social relationships. It gives you more control over any situation when you are more prepared. Never stop living your life due to anxiety- be sure that message is clear. If the people around you don't understand the need, continue until you find people that do. Try not to assume a situation will just get better, ask questions and learn new ways to cope, try to help make changes within the environment, or change environments.

4.  CONTROL Keep an Everyday Reminder 

In every piece above we are looking to give the student back control, to decrease their anxiety. Establishing a basic feeling of control for the student helps them to feel less anxious because they gain a grasp on their return to school, the belief they can handle it, and a plan for issues they had reflected on.  
Keeping a reminder with them can assist in those tough moments, when fear creeps back into their mind. You can easily help a student accomplish this, after the above steps.  An item that the student can pick out, is a tangible source from which they can derive hope during a tough day. Age may alter they type of item but from a journal to a school organization item , anything that represents their ability to handle the issues that had them worried. They must pick this out with you or create it with you, as their reminder. This item must quickly remind them of their strengths, and the people that are in their corner. This works amazingly well.

In School options are: speaking with school guidance counselor or school social worker 

Outside options are: ask for a referral for outside support through health insurance plan or Pediatrician for

Licensed Social Worker

Clinical Psychologist that works with

that works with parents, family and young adults or in the age group you seek.

DestinAtion InspirAtion: July, 2019

A Method To Short Circuit Anxiety

~M. Abramsky


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Did you ever find yourself or someone you love in the middle of a very stressful moment? 
A moment where to non-medical personnel, one might characterize it as a heart attack! People of all ages have experienced this; the physical symptoms of ANXIETY. This is more commonly known as an “Anxiety Attack”. This “attack” can be such a dramatic, and traumatic experience, that some of my youngest clients (11-12 years old) were best treated by their doctor, or school nurse.  After people gain an understanding that they are medically okay, the door opens for me to assist them further. As with most physical symptoms, my recommendation is always, to rule out a physical health issue. Now, ready for a way to make the feeling stop? Something you can do, anywhere?

The SHORT CIRCUIT  Method works because Anxiety impacts our brain, breathing and responses. Physical and emotional issues can cause anxiety in body, and physical and mental interventions can help us respond, and c ope.
Wherever you are ( in your head) BELIEVE that no matter what, you are not going to blow up into little pieces of you and The bottom line is stay positive, you will get through it!!!


 Whenever it should happen, get into a safe space (i.e. pull over a car to safe spot ). No matter what, find a chair if possible  seated is best, and safest. 

Think of your body as an electrical circuit flowing .. and we are now going to INTERRUPT it! 

1. Get seated or stay seated and hold nothing in your hands. 
2. Gently get into the start position by doing the Following:Close your eyes, make two fists and try to curl your toes down within your shoes if you can’t take them off 
3. Stay in that position, now tighten every single muscle you can ( unless injury) squeeze your eyes closed, scrunch your face, tighten your hands in fists, your muscles in arms, legs, stomach .. all at once and hold until you absolutely cannot hold anymore - remember if you hold your breath, to breathe.... 
4. When you feel every muscle ache and absolutely exhausted let go.. Really,  not more than seconds... maybe 20-30 if you can hold it THAT long -10 - 15 can help! 

Now ... have you exhausted your body enough in that short time ? If you gave it your all, with the power of positive energy and continue employ your coping skills and additional techniques? I bet it worked for you!


New York State

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

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