Unlike other professions .. The National Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics strictly prohibits testimonials and other solicitations, “(a) Social workers should not engage in uninvited solicitation of potential clients who, because of their circumstances, are vulnerable to undue influence, manipulation, or coercion. (b) Social workers should not engage in solicitation of testimonial endorsements (including solicitation of consent to use a client’s prior statement as a testimonial endorsement) from current clients or from other people who, because of their particular circumstances, are vulnerable to undue influence,” (NASW, 2021).

I understand this, as in therapy we are working with a people that need to be able to trust us. 

Unsolicited testimonials from clients online can be an incredibly powerful tool for new clients to learn about therapists. They provide potential new clients with valuable insight into the service offered, and they can also be used to boost a therapist’s  reputation and credibility.

Unsolicited testimonials offer a level of authenticity that is hard to replicate through other marketing strategies.

I know in time colleagues and long- term clients may want to share something positive about not only what I offer in sessions ( completely focused on them) but the in between sessions support I make myself available for.
No matter what.. I appreciate growing from my clients as they grow from working together with me.
To share anything please write to me at 

Marcy Abramsky, LCW inspireAmind.net@protonmail.com

re: testimonials 

I will only check them over for confidentiality.