A Personal Investment
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You Are What Matters...

Invest in Your Happiness.

Convenient, Simple: You TimeThe ability to choose your own counselor and the freedom of virtual sessions can be a gift. Rates begin at $90+🔸Only intake/initial assessment session ( 1st session is longer than others), ⌛️
Lower Pricing is available including     🔸 Time limited support groups, that are less per person and are supportive enough to help you feel that you are never alone! 

🔸Discounts for bringing people for a group, plus the individual lower price per person! 
Student discounts
Please Inquire ! 
🔸Parent & Family session are less than individual private session rates per person 

Discounts apply to any agencies or organizations that would like to share in offering services ( group) or set amount of sessions per # of months.

Please see the type of service you are interested in .

Please remember what you put in is what you will get out, We can do This .and You can do this!