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Why this Practice

Many licensed clinical social workers choose private practice, since it affords them the ability to provide services at a level of care and quality they have control over. 

 It also allows for more specialization. That said, there are many organizations that have been an honor to work for throughout my career. I have continued to partner with some of them in the last year.


Similarly, working with people in this way, gives me the opportunity to do what I enjoy. 

This has allowed me allowed me to grow, and work with more youth organizations,

universities, individuals, groups, families, and continue to create new dreams-projects! 


As a trained LCSW, I am privileged to provide resources on a variety of topics.


Providing professional consultation, supporting the community and people's mental

health in crisis, has been a rewarding learning experience.


Through a number of different methods (online parent information groups, social online service groups, blogs, advocacy, and involvement in youth organizations to local senior facilities and businesses, I stay involved, and engaged the needs of society.

In  Telemental Health Sessions...

  Combining  my professional skills with a focus on my client's strengths. allows me to coach them in developing motivation to meet with personal success. 


Life is NOT SIMPLE.  Finding the TIME, ENERGY, FUNDS, STRENGTH, and TRUST it takes to share challenges, isn't SIMPLE, either.

I am a professional therapist that respects this. _____________________________________________

When LIFE pours on the UNEXPECTED....YOU deserve CHOICES! Someone who is

TRAINED to help you build skills and can COACH you through tough times. 

A PROFESSIONAL that  you can COUNT ON, and gain SUPPORT from.  



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Through a SIMPLE. and SECURE,  SESSION... BEGIN!  As a client..USE ONLY HIPAA  SECURE EMAIL *  CLIENT PORTAL MESSAGING * PHONE is used in contacts* The client PORTAL , allows for confidential messaging, email, appointment changes, and SUPPORT. Client RECORDS are SECURE within an Electronic Health Information system

*email service, practice management program are in BAA agreement​ with provider








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