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Stress & Anxiety




Everyone encounters stress. Stress is how our body reacts to events that make us feel uncomfortable, angry, or nervous (a test, a work presentation, a fight with a friend).  Sometimes, this can be used in a motivating way as it drives some people to meet deadlines, and get places on time.


Characteristics of Stress (Physical)


Aches & Pains,


Increased Number of Colds & Infections




Similar to stress, anxiety is something we all experience. Some people have anxiety that impacts their daily activities and interferes with living their life. This kind of anxiety and even feelings of panic, is known broadly as anxiety  disorders, they can stem from a medical condition and go by different names.


Common Symptoms of Anxiety Include

Feeling nervous, restless, or tense

Having an increased heart rate

Trouble Concentrating


Stomach Problems

Having difficulty controlling worry

Having the urge to Avoid things that trigger anxiety


On the bright side, BOTH anxiety and stress can be managed with help. Research shows that the majority of people benefit from a significant improvement and better quality of life with support/treatment.

 You can learn simple ways to “shut down” the pattern of anxiety symptoms that may plague you, and ways to manage both everyday stress and everyday anxiety, or an anxiety disorder. Easy strategies to get you moving toward feeling better~fast!


If you’re interested in learning about how I can assist you in managing symptoms of stress or anxiety, contact me today for a free consultation.






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