Life Transitions ...

Life Goes On...

The continuum of Life change can look like the "Wong- Baker Faces Pain Scale". It can range from the most wonderful moments to the most painful! From new jobs, to new homes, pets,weddings,and babies we have terrific life changing moments. Even with exciting new things, the IMPACT of CHANGE (doubt, overwhelm, fear, negativity) tend to arise. These can be present with POSITIVE changes. 

We are aware of health issues, loss, and trauma, as Life Transitions that are challenging.

Why get Support? 

I Offer Support, Skills and Alternative Ways to Face Transitions

"Nothing is consistent but change." Unknown

People naturally have difficulty with change, whether we know change is coming or not. 

Many times our first reaction, sets the tone for our success in handling transition.

SUPPORT in TIMES of TRANSITION can significantly reduce stress,and increase coping skills, and provide encouragement. In addition, assist you in adapting sooner, with more resources. In time, helping you find clarity, peace, and possibility in your future. 

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