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All Transition Groups 5 weeks 

  • Middle School

  • High School 

  • College

  • Young Adult Concerns 

  • Parenting :The Balancing Act 5 weeks-

Priority given to Erie Co. WNY

Must reside in NYS 


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Sessions are A/B Days/ Times Not Determined

A Weeks of June 15, 22,19, July 13, 20 Day & Eve

B Weeks of July 27,  Aug 3, 10, 17, 24   Day & Eve

A Weeks Winter

B Weeks Winter

A Weeks Spring

B Weeks Spring

Student Or Young Adult Group 

Include: Name /Child Name, Group of Interest, Address+ Zip Code,  Age , Grade or Level of School entering Fall 2020, Siblings within 2 years (age) apart may join (if there is not a more appropriate group).

Parenting / Guardian Group 

Ages of the Children, In Home Full- Time / Part Time, Topics of Interest (boundaries, behaviors, summer ideas, health concerns etc), Are you working from home?


BOTH  GROUPS Any Names of Friends that will contact (on their own)  that you'd like to be in group (or avoid ) placement with. School District Name

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This is Temporary... 

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Support From A Distance
Are you experiencing an increase in any feelings, such as :  
Anxiety *  Worry  * Overwhelm  * Loss  *  Challenges in getting and staying motivated?
  • Managing conflicting health information and restrictions, MASKS
  • Loss of the freedom of life before ( socialization, job, worry for health (you/loved one)
  • School (before/after) never ending changes (canceled, remote, sports, friends
  • Moving back in with parents, in the home all day, living alone,  what did you miss
  • What you experienced in the last year before, during and now (school, work, family & friends)
  •  Are you a teacher coping with a forced early retirement or job loss, fear, remote teaching, support staff member, concerns for students & your children 
  • Are you a  parent of a child, preteen, or teen in need, or navigating a new model with a child with learning differences? 
  • Do you need more activities for your kids to be involved in?
  • Are you a caregiver of an older adult
  • Are you a senior needing support with feelings of worry or isolation or needs
  • A Counselor or a First Responder looking for extra support? 
  • Take a step "out of the dark" and start to learn skills that will assist in your adjustment. Gain support, continue to believe in yourself, and even feel inspired, during this very difficult time. 
  • Counseling via web & phone when you need it most
  • No Insurance Needed / Affordable/Discounted Rates
  • Convenient
*Based on Availability  *Check availability on top of page* Email if you are unsure
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 Support for You

Virtual Counseling/ TeleMental Health HIPAA Complaint


SIMPLE... You Can Do This!

All You need is a phone or a computer!




Today's challenges impact everyone differently. From the nation, people in New York State, within your community, and in your family need a certain style of support to manage change.

Missing normalcy? You Are Not Alone! 


Utilize Twenty years of expertise with parents, children, teens, young adults and seniors...I would enjoy working with a family member individually, or within a family session.

Follow Up appointments can be requested easily  through HIPAA compliant email, or in session.





The Goals You Have 



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Rates for groups are guaranteed per each group cycle.  

Flex rates subject to increase with 2 mo. notice (client need)

For Your Convenience  

Visa (Credit/Debit),MasterCard (Credit/Debit), American Express, and Discover, Are All Accepted Forms of Payment, Inquire re: Insurance after November-

Button will send a *request email for a brief call to set up an appointment. See how simple it can be to get support from a distance!





Anyone who is  living independently, or with consent parent or guardian must be present, and following all NYS and federal laws pertaining to sharing proper identity and location for health, safety, and payment.

*Please note, you are giving permission to contact you by email/phone, and may add specifics in either email.

In some instances, clients may need to be assessed and referred. A referral could be offered, if I deem a need out of my scope of practice, or due to my caseload.

Thank you for your support.

New York State

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