(CDC)Centers for Disease Control (WHO)World Health Organization

*Governor of New York State Andrew Cuomo

   County Executives  Dept. of Health.  Law Enforcement  Department of Education


 More to Come regarding executive orders and moving forward....

*If you are unsure about a new recommendation, and will NOT be out of your home or near someone with a compromised immune system, ask your doctor for clarification. or check with your county health department. There are many recommendations among media outlets that may become confusing.



~Relax, Stay Calm & Don't Listen to Rumors~Check the facts &

stay social~

Erie County Department of Health

Stay Social 

Stay in touch with your friends & family

free internet is provided for homes without, and stay connected during the Social Distancing

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Important Resources

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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Website

 Erie County Contact , Emergency & Info Page

Niagara County Department of Health

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